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We’re The Jetset Boyz

The Jetset Boyz are two guys who blog about travel and food. Individually we are Bart and Andy. We write about and photograph our personal experiences, then share them with the world on this site, Instagram and Twitter. Andy supplies most of the wonderful words and Bart snaps the fab photos.

We only fly Economy Class (that’s coach to our American friends) if there is no other option. For us, travel is about going in style; it is luxurious, indulgent and at times positively decadent.

When we think of travel, it is 5-star resorts and Qatar Airways Business Class that floats our boat. Life should be about sipping champagne at 35,000 feet. It’s definitely not peeling the lid off a plastic water pot with your knees pressed against the back of the seat in front.

Having said we love luxury, we never pay full price for it. We are experts at flying Business Class for Economy prices. Experience has made us points gurus and we love to share the deals, hints & tips with our readers.

We also like to be adventurous and escape the rat race of tourist travel. Currently, we are working our way to becoming digital nomads. Our aim is to take it slow as we explore magical new places & experiences. We’re looking forward to savouring exotic new flavours as we work our way around the world. The Jetset Boyz will soon be swapping grey office walls for sunny blue skies and clear ocean waters.

Andy & Bart drinking Agua de Valencia at La Mas Bonita in Valencia
Andy drinking champagne in the bar on our first Qatar Airways A380 flight en-route to Bali

How the Jetset Boyz started out

Back in March 1998, Andy was working on the door at a charity event giving out name badges (it was a bit of a social mixer). Then Bart arrived and had a “but don’t you know who I am?” moment. (It wasn’t nearly as Diva-ish as it sounds. He’d been to two of the previous events by the charity and the guys on the door had been people he’d known). After having a bit of a laugh, Bart got badged up and went into the event.

When Andy’s stint at on the door had finished he went to meet some friends in the event. Two different friends told him that there was someone they wanted to introduce him to as they thought he’d like him. That, someone, turned out to be Bart. After chatting for a bit, we swapped phone numbers. After a few near-misses, we eventually met up for drinks, followed up by a few dates. On Sunday 24th May 1998, we decided that we were officially going to be a couple.

We celebrated five years as a couple with a trip to Hawaii. On a romantic evening, on our 5th anniversary, we sat under a tree, sipping champagne and watching the Hawaiian sunset. Bart turned to Andy and asked if one day, when it became possible, would he marry him? At that time, there was no same-sex marriage in the UK and even civil partnerships didn’t exist at that time.

Getting hitched and moving on

Civil partnerships were introduced in 2005, but somehow, we just never got around to doing it. in September 2012 we visit Spain to relax in the Andalusian sunshine. As we lay by the pool we decided that to celebrate our 15th anniversary we’d have our civil ceremony the following May. Even before we left Spain, we started making wedding plans. But then in October 2012 life gave us a hard kick in the nuts that forced us to put the plans on hold.

After a couple of hellish years, the tide turned. On Sunday May 24th 2015, 17 years to the day from when we had decided to be a couple, we were finally married. The journey to get to that point had been far from smooth. Furthermore, in all honesty, there were times when we both thought that we wouldn’t get to see it. The wedding was one of the happiest days of both our lives. What’s more, it was made all the sweeter by what we’d been through to get to that day.

But now we’re a happily married couple. Over the years, travel has played a huge part in our lives. In 2016 a trip to Bali gave us a new perspective on life. On our return to the UK, we set ourselves the deadline of January 2018 to pack in life in the rat race. Life as digital nomads awaits, as we head off to explore the world (stylishly, of course).

The Jetset Boyz

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